Plastic surgery information

The plastic or cosmetic surgery is one of the two main areas of specialization of plastic surgery along with corrective plastic surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is directed generally healthy patients and aims at correcting alterations of aesthetic standard in order to obtain greater facial and body or sequelae produced by aging harmony.

This affects the emotional stability of the patient, improving the quality of life through professional , relationships, etc.

Plastic surgery deals with the correction of all congenital process , acquired, or simply tumor involution , requiring repair or replacement , or affecting the form and / or function.

His techniques are based on transplantation and tissue mobilization by grafts and flaps or even implants inert material.

Major cosmetic surgery

  • Liposucción And liposculpture
  • Abdominal surgery aesthetic
  • Eyelid surgery aesthetic
  • Increased Breasts
  • breast -Reduced
  • breast -Elevación
  • Nose surgery aesthetic
  • Surgery aesthetic ears
  • facial -Estiramiento
  • Lifting Thigh
  • facial -Implants
  • Chin surgery aesthetic
  • Dermoabrasión
  • Peeling chemical
  • Toxina botulinum
  • Ginecomastia
  • Surgery Baldness

Professional plastic surgeons with the ” Title Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic ” are the ones that offer the maximum guarantee of a happy outcome .


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